Feb 07

Getting USB PCI Cards Functioning in Mac OS 9.1/9.2

These instructions are intended for machines that have had a PCI USB card installed after Mac OS installation has occurred, or one running 9.2 without built-in USB ports. The extensions that come with 9.2 have a bug, causing them to not work on Macs without built-in USB. The card and devices plugged into it will appear in …

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Nov 15

Booting Alternative Images from WDS using PXELinux

Preparation You will need: The syslinux 4.07 package, which includes PXELinux, from https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/boot/syslinux/4.xx/syslinux-4.07.zip I recommend 4.07 as later versions are unable to load memtestx86+ and require additional libraries. A functional Windows Deployment Services role, which is beyond the scope of this article   Extract these files from syslinux-4.07.zip into a temporary folder /core/pxelinux.0 and rename it …

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Sep 07

Fixing Windows 10: Security, Privacy, Usability.

As part of my career, I have to keep up to date on these things, even if that means using a new unproven operating system. Also, as some have to use Windows for certain software and games like I do. I can only hope more and more developer studios start supporting Linux. There are a …

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Aug 21

Old Beginners Networking Tutorial

I was cleaning out some of my files in my network storage and found an old article I had written for a site long ago in a distant galaxy far far away. It was created September 17th, 2005. 10 Years have passed, and a lot of things have changed, so it’s not as relevant anymore; …

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Aug 06

Raspberry Pi: Saving Power

In some cases saving as much power as possible is very attractive. Unfortunately I won’t have any real figures, but I have posted the links of others who have done the changes.   1. Run your Pi headless? Disable HDMI! This is reported to save about 20mA of power.

Note: Don’t forget you did …

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Aug 01

Windows 10: Remove OneDrive From Explorer

I’ve had Windows 10 installed for all of 10 minutes now, and I’ve already had to look up a tweak to get rid of an annoyance, OneDrive. I personally don’t believe in using the cloud to store my personal information. It’s just too easy to get hacked and stolen, and let’s not even talk about …

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Jun 04

PowerShell: Scripted RoboCopy

Sometimes you might have a server on a weak network link, or even a remote server with a slow connection. CommVault and other backup suites a lot of times will have difficulty dealing with these slow links and timing out. This is where the good ol’ robocopy program from Microsoft themselves comes in handy. Of …

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May 17

Ubuntu 14:04+: Creating a VERY jailed user with jailkit

I have many hobbies I dabble in, one of them is vintage computers, and the other is vintage phones. I have an Asterisk server with a special card that connect to some of my vintage phone gear. I also have vintage computers that I could use to play with modems and act as a phone …

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May 17

Ubuntu 14.04+: Disabling Login Messages (MOTD)

In an earlier post (Ubuntu 14.04+: Changing Login Messages), I showed you how to modify, change, or even disable parts of the big long MOTD (Message of The Day) that you get with default Ubuntu. Admittedly, some of the information is useful at a glance. I have a pretty good pulse on my own Linux …

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May 08

PowerShell: Finding Those Pesky Service Accounts

In most Windows environments I’ve worked in, there is rarely any good documentation, especially documentation that tells you were service accounts are being used. This always presents a problem when you have to change the account’s password, or have to change the account all together. Getting tired of things breaking when this happens, I finally …

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