Category: Raspbian

Aug 06

Raspberry Pi: Saving Power

In some cases saving as much power as possible is very attractive. Unfortunately I won’t have any real figures, but I have posted the links of others who have done the changes.   1. Run your Pi headless? Disable HDMI! This is reported to save about 20mA of power.

Note: Don’t forget you did …

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Jan 09

Raspbian: VIM Syntax Highlighting

I always install VIM, it’s easier to use than VI, however for some reason in Raspbian, syntax highlighting is not enabled by default. It’s such a useful feature I don’t know who wouldn’t want it on. Anyway, to enable it:

Remove the quotes from the line: “syntax on Write and Quit, done!

Jan 03

Raspbian: Going on a Diet (Remove X11)

I recently set up a pi to act as a dedicated headless server with a default install of Raspbian (from NOOBS). It is solely to serve information and a couple services. In that case, there are a lot of things that aren’t needed for a headless server. One of those things (and the biggest) is …

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Jan 02

Raspbian: Setting Up Wi-fi

To set up wifi (WPA/WPA2 Only) on the Pi, I was able to get the following working with my setup. Other instructions (including the ones adding the directives to /etc/network/interfaces) didn’t work for me. I just installed Raspbian on a Pi today (2015-01-02), so these instructions should be current. My /etc/network/interfaces file already had the …

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Dec 21

Electronics Projects: VFD Informatron 2000

After looking at various very cool and vary old display technologies on eBay, I ran across a 4 line dot matrix VFD display. It was one of 4 left, so I decided to order it and build a project similar to this one that an IRC friend linked me to: I originally was going …

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Dec 21

Raspbian: Run a Program at Startup

There are many directions out there that don’t work on Raspbian. Specifically the “upstart” scripts, as Raspbian doesn’t come with upstart, and will mess things up greatly if you install it. Raspbian uses init.d. It’s fairly simple to get things going since a nice script was provided at the link below, mirrored here. Create script …

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Dec 21

Raspbian: Wifi Going to Sleep

UPDATE: As of the newer versions of Raspbian, it is now much simpler to keep Wi-Fi from going to sleep:

Yup, that’s it. ————————— It seemed like I couldn’t contact my Pi after a while (and my SSH session would end seemingly for no reason). I would start a ping and it would time …

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