January 2013 archive

Jan 23

Linux Mint 14: Cinnamon Java Issues

According to my bank deposit software, my IcedTea was out of date, and according to some Google searching that is true. It’s actually fairly easy to get the latest Java in Linux now, so IcedTea isn’t needed (for now). Unfortunately it is not in Software Manager by default. This is just a piece from the …

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Jan 20

Installing Basic Printers in Linux Mint 14

UPDATE: Printing has been VASTLY improved in Mint 15. It’s worth upgrading to. It works right away, it found my printer and had a driver for it. Fantastic. I still don’t know how MFP’s work in Linux though, since I don’t have one. Just a quick how-to on installing printers in Mint. Now, I only …

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Jan 20

Amiga 4000: PSU Mod

My power supply died again. It has been very unreliable for some reason (probably bad caps, or overload), so I finally decided to mod an ATX power supply for the 4K to give it more power and reliability. I based my mod on a mix of 2 other ATX mods: I took the PSU case …

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Jan 08

Some Stats

Interested in some neat info-graphic style stats of this site? I figured not, but if you’re bored enough, check it out: http://jetpack.me/annual-report/21609340/2012/ Pretty neat really. Some of the links don’t work though, as some of the content was lost recently due to a server hack and botched site backup.

Jan 03

Installing VirtualBox 4.2 on Linux Mint 14

A another quick post on something in Linux Mint 14. I tried to install VirtualBox via Software Manager, but for whatever reason it wouldn’t install it all the way, or I couldn’t figure out what the heck it did, so I did it the long way around. 1. Head over to https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads and download the …

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