June 2013 archive

Linux Mint 15: Software Manager (mintinstall) Hangs

I have run across an issue where Software Manager hangs at the spash screen after asking for a password. This seems to only happen if it had been previously closed abnormally. The fix that seems to work for me was: Open a terminal and run:

There should be a line that lists “splash.py” like …

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Linux Mint 15: Installing Virtual Box 4.2

This is pretty similar to my other post, Linux Mint 14: Installing Virtual Box 4.2, but with a slightly updated version of Virtual Box. It also stands to reason that this process should also work in Mint 14 if you haven’t upgraded. 1. First head to virtualbox.org Downloads and download the latest copy. Make sure …

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Linux Mint 15: Stability Issues After NVIDIA Drivers

I finally got around to re-setting up my Linux install, and after fixing my wonky BIOS settings it was running perfectly fine, until I installed the propietary NVIDIA driver. For some reason the startup would crash every other time. I did finally find a related forum posting that had a similar issue. Thankfully the fix …

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Linux Mint 15: Slow/Broken Internet Problems

Update: Since posting this I have re-installed Mint from a fresh download as I was having other weird issues (not able to shut down correctly, wouldn’t boot correctly every other time) and all of the problems seem to have completely disappeared. If slow/broken networking is one of your symptoms, your system might just be corrupt …

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