Network Hardware Compatibility List

It is getting more and more difficult to find what network hardware is compatible with the Amiga, so I have started a compilation list: Amiga Network Device HCL

Programs and Keyfiles

I decided to post some of the Amiga Keyfiles I have for software that isn’t available for purchase anymore. WHDLoad will not be posted here because it’s still available! (Best bit of money you can spend!) Otherwise, these are unobtainable from the author.

Just click on the link!

[iBrowse 2.4 (68020+)] – [iBrowse Keys] – Put key(s) in installed directory.

[NComm 3.06] – [NComm Keys]

[MUI 3.8] – [MUI Libraries] – [MUI Keys] – Put key(s) in S:.

[MiamiDX 10c Main] – [MiamiDX 10c MUI] – [Miami DX Keys] – Put key(s) in installed directory.

[HippoPlayer] – [HippoPlayer Keys] – Put key(s) in L: (another key is included with program).

[WebVision Key]

Random Serial Numbers:
AmiTCP/IP 4.3 – TZkp q5Gf pBJD hw.8 zWKe E2vL 3Ao (Anonymous)
ARexx 1.10 – 5216
Business Card Maker – 101885
Invoice It! – 1694
Devpac 3 – 33010/1/29
Project D – 002381
Opus 5.5 – 6206afidk8952863880
Tiny Troops? – ktwfv22lxf97

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