Jan 10

FreePBX/Asterisk DAHDI_ATTACH_ECHOCAN failed on channel 1


Currently, on a new install of the latest FreePBX, the DAHDI module has some problems with echo cancellation on FXO/FXS cards. This will cause the module to not load correctly. This may be fixed in the future. First and foremost, reboot. I’ve had it to where I run dahdi_cfg and it produce this …

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Jan 09

Raspbian: VIM Syntax Highlighting

I always install VIM, it’s easier to use than VI, however for some reason in Raspbian, syntax highlighting is not enabled by default. It’s such a useful feature I don’t know who wouldn’t want it on. Anyway, to enable it:

Remove the quotes from the line: “syntax on Write and Quit, done!

Jan 03

Raspbian: Going on a Diet (Remove X11)

I recently set up a pi to act as a dedicated headless server with a default install of Raspbian (from NOOBS). It is solely to serve information and a couple services. In that case, there are a lot of things that aren’t needed for a headless server. One of those things (and the biggest) is …

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Jan 02

Raspbian: Setting Up Wi-fi

To set up wifi (WPA/WPA2 Only) on the Pi, I was able to get the following working with my setup. Other instructions (including the ones adding the directives to /etc/network/interfaces) didn’t work for me. I just installed Raspbian on a Pi today (2015-01-02), so these instructions should be current. My /etc/network/interfaces file already had the …

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Nov 21

Samba: Simple and Secure File Sharing

Samba can be overwhelming. Especially since unless you use the help of tools like SWAT, you basically are staring at a huge and complicated looking smb.conf in /etc/samba. I’ve been messing with Samba for many years, and I still learn a bunch every time I mess with it. I was talking to an IRC friend …

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Nov 14

Ubuntu 14.04+: Changing Login Messages

The login messages you get when you log into SSH or the console are actually a bunch of bash scripts in /etc/update-motd.d. You can modify these and customize them as you would like. For example, all of my Ubuntu servers include a line advertising landscape.canonical.com, which would be fine, but I’m just a home user …

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Nov 14

Ubuntu 14.04+: Automatically Start a Script as a User

There are several different ways to start a script as root, in rc.d, crontab, etc. Starting a script as a user however can be just as easy in crontab:

and then add:

So, why do this? Security. In my case I had a public service that I run (an IRC bot) that refuses …

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Nov 11

Ubuntu 14.04+: ia32-libs

ia32-libs isn’t an installable package by default anymore, thankfully a kind poster over at stackoverflow posted a simple solution to get the libraries installed. This is useful if you are running an older 32bit application in a 64bit only Linux.

Note: Others on that same page say this isn’t a good idea, although they …

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Sep 01

Ubuntu 14.04: ‘no talloc stackframe’ Error

Update (12/2/14): This is still a problem in Ubuntu, however the bug has been fixed in Samba itself since version 4.1.10. The latest version in Ubuntu’s repositories for some reason is still 4.1.6, which mean the bug still exists for us.

I have been getting this error whenever I set up an Ubuntu 14.04 …

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Sep 01

XenServer 6: Adding a New Ubuntu 14.04 Template

Currently XenServer does not have a template for the new Ubuntu 14.04. This will most likely be fixed in a future update, but for now it’s a really easy to add a new template. Thanks to http://virantha.com/2014/05/21/ubuntu-14-04-trusty-on-xenserver-62/ for the quick instructions. In XenCenter, head over to the console of the server and log in. Run the following 3 commands …

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