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Recovering from soft brick / Upgrading Viewsonic GTab to 1.2 stock ROM (NVFlash)

I’m putting this post up as there are so many forum threads and posts with about a million different ways to do this, mostly all with outdated versions of things. This post of course will end up in that same category of being out of date eventually, but being that the tablet is quite old …

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Installing VirtualBox 4.2 on Linux Mint 14

A another quick post on something in Linux Mint 14. I tried to install VirtualBox via Software Manager, but for whatever reason it wouldn’t install it all the way, or I couldn’t figure out what the heck it did, so I did it the long way around. 1. Head over to and download the …

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Steam Beta on Linux Mint 14 in an Alternate Location

Ok, just a real quick post. I finally got Steam to work after a few hours of reading many sites, and below is how. This will be a short post for now since I am out of time tonight. 1. In Preferences -> Software Sources, Additional Driver tab, Select “Using Experimental NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, …

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Getting NFS to work with Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Updated:┬áThis will work for both Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04 After looking at many guides, I was unable to get it to work. Either the guides were poorly worded or confusingly made for me. Hopefully this helps someone in a similar situation as me. In my setup I wanted to share 2 things, my external drive …

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Amiga 3000: Introduction

Thanks to a really great friend of mine, I got a hold of an Amiga 3000 as posted earlier. I finally got a chance to hook it up and play around with it today. Pretty! She has been upgraded a few times, including a Fat Gary chip from a 3000T or 4000T, and a Commodore …

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Amiga: Viva Amiga

Just a reminder to everyone of what came out of a Kickstarter project last year, the Amiga documentary is in editing. You can pre-order your copy here: For now though, here is the latest trailer to get you all excited and fuzzy inside:

Amiga: The Amiga Explosion

Wow, it’s been quite a week here at the lab. There has been a giant explosion of Amiga. Thanks to a couple good friends of mine, I managed to come home with an Amiga 1000, 1200, and a 3000! Just when you think that no more awesome classic machines are nowhere to be found (at …

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Amiga 4000: CF Card Conversion

I decided to do the conversion to improve speed, noise, and space dramatically. I decided to put the card in the unused Expansion hole in the case. A few well placed Dremel cuts later, it was mounted! Unfortunately since I don’t have a drill press, one hole was slightly off of the other, so it’s …

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Amiga 4000: Introduction

Finally! After all these years of waiting! A friend helped ship an Amiga 4000 from a Craigslist ad in his area. I got it for really cheap as the keyboard and mouse didn’t work, and it’s here! I hooked her up and booted her up: As expected, the keyboard and mouse didn’t work, and here’s …

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Lubuntu on an R3000

I received an old Compaq R3000 and decided to stick Ubuntu on it. Since it’s older, I put Lubuntu on it (Light Ubuntu) to see how it goes. This laptop will be replacing the general use of an Apple PowerBook G4, slighly upgrading it by 5 or 6 years. So far so good. To get …

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