Amiga 3000: Introduction

Thanks to a really great friend of mine, I got a hold of an Amiga 3000 as posted earlier. I finally got a chance to hook it up and play around with it today.


Pretty! She has been upgraded a few times, including a Fat Gary chip from a 3000T or 4000T, and a Commodore A3640 to bring her up to a 68040 @ 25mhz, which is crazy for a 3000. There are a couple of hard drives inside, with one being on a A2000-HC+8 Series II with 8mb on board. It also came with the GVP Spectrum 24 video card mentioned earlier and a Commodore A2300 Genlock.

There are a couple of issues however. The power switch assembly is broken inside (part of it seems to be missing entirely), the floppy eject button is missing, and the (Fat) Gary socket is cracked (but it doesn’t seem to be causing any problems).

As always, with any old Amiga that you get that has an RTC, make sure to take that Varta battery out of it!


Yikes! Need to remove that ASAP.


Whew, much better! Thankfully no real damage was done to the motherboard outside of the battery area. It didn’t leak as bad as my 4000’s Varta did which affected the keyboard and mouse. Make sure you neutralize the battery acid or it will keep messing up the board! White vinegar will do nicely.

Speaking of keyboard and mouse, it came with 2 keyboards and the original mouse, both in fantastic condition and working!

Anyway, not too much else to say about it, so I will leave you with a screenshot and a Youtube link to one of the animations that is on the machine by Eric W. Schwartz, Amy The Squirrel in “At the Movies”: