Amiga 4000: CF Card Conversion

I decided to do the conversion to improve speed, noise, and space dramatically. I decided to put the card in the unused Expansion hole in the case. A few well placed Dremel cuts later, it was mounted! Unfortunately since I don’t have a drill press, one hole was slightly off of the other, so it’s sorta crooked. I’ll fix that someday. I used the IDE CF card reader I had mounted on the bracket of an old PCMCIA PCI card adapter

Amiga 4000 Back CF Card


Amiga 4000 CF Card Internal

The biggest problem was getting power over to it as the floppy power cable from the power supply isn’t long enough. Hacking time! Nothing like putting an old PC PSU to good use. I spliced it in with a old fan pass through.

Amatuer Soldering Nite

Power Cable Mod 1

Like it Never Happened

Power Cable Mod 2


Item list so far:

  • A3640 CPU
  • A2320 Video Card
  • A2065 Network Card
  • GVP A2000-HC+8 Series II Rev II SCSI

More fun to come!