Amiga 4000: Introduction

Finally! After all these years of waiting! A friend helped ship an Amiga 4000 from a Craigslist ad in his area. I got it for really cheap as the keyboard and mouse didn’t work, and it’s here!

I hooked her up and booted her up:

Amiga 4000

As expected, the keyboard and mouse didn’t work, and here’s the culprit!

Amiga 4000 Battery

Thanks to this awesome site: Amiga Technical Resource, I was able to figure out that the battery damage is exactly what did it. While the previous owner did replace the original Varta battery with a coin cell thankfully, it doesn’t appear that they neutralized the battery acid afterwards. That picture was taken after a thorough cleaning with white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. I then re-flowed all of the affected connections in the circuit with my soldering iron, and it worked!

Out of time for now, but can’t wait to get her up and running online with a new workbench install and awesome games!