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Linux Mint 15: Installing Virtual Box 4.2

This is pretty similar to my other post, Linux Mint 14: Installing Virtual Box 4.2, but with a slightly updated version of Virtual Box. It also stands to reason that this process should also work in Mint 14 if you haven’t upgraded. 1. First head to Downloads and download the latest copy. Make sure …

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Linux Mint 15: Stability Issues After NVIDIA Drivers

I finally got around to re-setting up my Linux install, and after fixing my wonky BIOS settings it was running perfectly fine, until I installed the propietary NVIDIA driver. For some reason the startup would crash every other time. I did finally find a related forum posting that had a similar issue. Thankfully the fix …

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Linux Mint 15: Slow/Broken Internet Problems

Update: Since posting this I have re-installed Mint from a fresh download as I was having other weird issues (not able to shut down correctly, wouldn’t boot correctly every other time) and all of the problems seem to have completely disappeared. If slow/broken networking is one of your symptoms, your system might just be corrupt …

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Linux Mint/Ubuntu: Apache2 Fully Qualified Name Error

Chances are that if you set up an Apache web server on Mint or Ubuntu, you will see this error: “Could not reliably determine the server’s fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName” There are a couple ways to do it, however I think this is the “right” way to do it. The other …

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Quick Amiga Update

Just posted a big update to the Amiga page. Added a couple more key files and the programs that go with them, and some serial numbers that I have come across. Enjoy!

Google Independence: E-Mail

The hardest part, and probably the second biggest mountain to climb. The people who know me best know that I always go straight to the biggest and best instead of messing around with that small stuff. Gmail is the best free e-mail service out there I think. I can barely think of anything to complain …

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Google Independence

After thinking about this for the better part of 3 years and not actually doing anything about it, I have finally become more and more aware of both how big Google has gotten, and more importantly, how much Google knows about me (and everyone else). Don’t get me wrong, Google’s services are fantastic. I use …

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Linux Mint 14: Cinnamon Java Issues

According to my bank deposit software, my IcedTea was out of date, and according to some Google searching that is true. It’s actually fairly easy to get the latest Java in Linux now, so IcedTea isn’t needed (for now). Unfortunately it is not in Software Manager by default. This is just a piece from the …

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Installing Basic Printers in Linux Mint 14

UPDATE: Printing has been VASTLY improved in Mint 15. It’s worth upgrading to. It works right away, it found my printer and had a driver for it. Fantastic. I still don’t know how MFP’s work in Linux though, since I don’t have one. Just a quick how-to on installing printers in Mint. Now, I only …

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Amiga 4000: PSU Mod

My power supply died again. It has been very unreliable for some reason (probably bad caps, or overload), so I finally decided to mod an ATX power supply for the 4K to give it more power and reliability. I based my mod on a mix of 2 other ATX mods: I took the PSU case …

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