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Quick Amiga Update

Just posted a big update to the Amiga page. Added a couple more key files and the programs that go with them, and some serial numbers that I have come across. Enjoy!

Amiga 4000: PSU Mod

My power supply died again. It has been very unreliable for some reason (probably bad caps, or overload), so I finally decided to mod an ATX power supply for the 4K to give it more power and reliability. I based my mod on a mix of 2 other ATX mods: I took the PSU case …

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Amiga 3000: Introduction

Thanks to a really great friend of mine, I got a hold of an Amiga 3000 as posted earlier. I finally got a chance to hook it up and play around with it today. Pretty! She has been upgraded a few times, including a Fat Gary chip from a 3000T or 4000T, and a Commodore …

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Amiga: Viva Amiga

Just a reminder to everyone of what came out of a Kickstarter project last year, the Amiga documentary is in editing. You can pre-order your copy here: For now though, here is the latest trailer to get you all excited and fuzzy inside:

Amiga: The Amiga Explosion

Wow, it’s been quite a week here at the lab. There has been a giant explosion of Amiga. Thanks to a couple good friends of mine, I managed to come home with an Amiga 1000, 1200, and a 3000! Just when you think that no more awesome classic machines are nowhere to be found (at …

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Amiga 4000: CF Card Conversion

I decided to do the conversion to improve speed, noise, and space dramatically. I decided to put the card in the unused Expansion hole in the case. A few well placed Dremel cuts later, it was mounted! Unfortunately since I don’t have a drill press, one hole was slightly off of the other, so it’s …

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Amiga 4000: Introduction

Finally! After all these years of waiting! A friend helped ship an Amiga 4000 from a Craigslist ad in his area. I got it for really cheap as the keyboard and mouse didn’t work, and it’s here! I hooked her up and booted her up: As expected, the keyboard and mouse didn’t work, and here’s …

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