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Old Beginners Networking Tutorial

I was cleaning out some of my files in my network storage and found an old article I had written for a site long ago in a distant galaxy far far away. It was created September 17th, 2005. 10 Years have passed, and a lot of things have changed, so it’s not as relevant anymore; …

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Bored? Stats!

Every year that you are signed up with Jetpack (with WordPress), you get a report at the end of the year with several interesting (to me) statistics about your site. Because of the various server hackings that went on in the year 2012, the last report didn’t go so well, this one however worked great! …

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SLAYRadio Widget

I decided to make a SLAYRadio widget on my site a while back, because well, the station is awesome and more people should listen! Anyway, I finally got around to making it. I was originally going to go with a custom WordPress widget, but I couldn’t quite put 2 and 2 together to make it …

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Google Independence: E-Mail

The hardest part, and probably the second biggest mountain to climb. The people who know me best know that I always go straight to the biggest and best instead of messing around with that small stuff. Gmail is the best free e-mail service out there I think. I can barely think of anything to complain …

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Google Independence

After thinking about this for the better part of 3 years and not actually doing anything about it, I have finally become more and more aware of both how big Google has gotten, and more importantly, how much Google knows about me (and everyone else). Don’t get me wrong, Google’s services are fantastic. I use …

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Some Stats

Interested in some neat info-graphic style stats of this site? I figured not, but if you’re bored enough, check it out: Pretty neat really. Some of the links don’t work though, as some of the content was lost recently due to a server hack and botched site backup.