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Install Greenbone Vulnerability Manager 20.08 on Ubuntu 20.04

Thanks to for the original article. The instructions below are a tweaked version of them that contains error corrections and changes for Ubuntu (versus Debian 10). Before Beginning Machine/VM: This is assuming a new fresh Ubuntu Server 20.04 image. Nothing additionally is installed except SSH server. The instructions will have you switch between a …

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Fixing Windows 10: Security, Privacy, Usability.

As part of my career, I have to keep up to date on these things, even if that means using a new unproven operating system. Also, as some have to use Windows for certain software and games like I do. I can only hope more and more developer studios start supporting Linux. There are a …

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Ubuntu 14:04+: Creating a VERY jailed user with jailkit

I have many hobbies I dabble in, one of them is vintage computers, and the other is vintage phones. I have an Asterisk server with a special card that connect to some of my vintage phone gear. I also have vintage computers that I could use to play with modems and act as a phone …

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