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Booting Alternative Images from WDS using PXELinux

Preparation You will need: The syslinux 4.07 package, which includes PXELinux, from I recommend 4.07 as later versions are unable to load memtestx86+ and require additional libraries. A functional Windows Deployment Services role, which is beyond the scope of this article   Extract these files from into a temporary folder /core/pxelinux.0 and rename it …

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Fixing Windows 10: Security, Privacy, Usability.

As part of my career, I have to keep up to date on these things, even if that means using a new unproven operating system. Also, as some have to use Windows for certain software and games like I do. I can only hope more and more developer studios start supporting Linux. There are a …

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Windows 10: Remove OneDrive From Explorer

I’ve had Windows 10 installed for all of 10 minutes now, and I’ve already had to look up a tweak to get rid of an annoyance, OneDrive. I personally don’t believe in using the cloud to store my personal information. It’s just too easy to get hacked and stolen, and let’s not even talk about …

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