SLAYRadio Widget

I decided to make a SLAYRadio widget on my site a while back, because well, the station is awesome and more people should listen! Anyway, I finally got around to making it. I was originally going to go with a custom WordPress widget, but I couldn’t quite put 2 and 2 together to make it work, so I got lazy and used a PHP plugin and just made some PHP code instead. Simples!

So, to make the widget:
1. Install a plug-in that lets you use PHP code in a custom text widget. I used: PHP Text Widget
2. Copy and paste the code I came up with for the actual stuffs: Code can be had here!
There are a couple “YOUR_PATH_HERE”‘s to change to where the images are stored on your server (Don’t hot link me bro!).
3. Download the 2 images I totally stole from (Sorry Slaygon!) and (Sorry Boz!). I will probably use different ones soon since they don’t fit this theme well. Anyway:
SLAYRadio Logo
Live Animation
Stick the images up on the server, fix the path to them in the code, put the code in the text widget, and enjoy!