Steam Beta on Linux Mint 14 in an Alternate Location

Ok, just a real quick post. I finally got Steam to work after a few hours of reading many sites, and below is how. This will be a short post for now since I am out of time tonight.

1. In Preferences -> Software Sources, Additional Driver tab, Select “Using Experimental NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library from nbidia-experimental-310 (proprietary)”
2. I rebooted, this may or may not be necessary, I was just afraid that the driver wouldn’t actually take effect until I did.
3. Download and install Steam like normal. Don’t change anything about it yet.
4. Launch it and set it up with your username, logging in for the first time as normal.
5. Close Steam, and make sure it’s completely closed.
6. Copy your Steam folder from /home/username/.local/share to where you want it, I have mine in /mnt/data/Steam (NOTE: The “Steam” folder, not “steam” inside of “Steam”)
7. Delete the original Steam folder from /home/username/.local/share (NOTE: The “Steam” folder, not “steam” inside of “Steam”)
8. Create a symlink to the new Steam folder from the share folder.
ln -s /mnt/data/Steam Steam(replace the path of the new location with yours)
NOTE: Capitalization is VERY important to both Steam and Linux, double check!

The reason why it must be changed after running it in place is because the client does some funky things regarding paths, and is really finicky about symlinks.

Also, make sure you don’t accidentally mount the other drive/partition as noexecute like I did, run the “mount” command by itself to double check. Now you should be able to launch Steam and download whatever games are available.